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In addition to the client-side web experimentation capabilities, Kameleoon has extensive support for server-side feature management and experimentation on web apps, mobile apps, TV and gaming apps, or any other apps connected to the internet.

Here are a few of the additional features you can implement using any of our SDKs:


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Supported Platforms

Kameleoon continually adds support for new languages and enhances our existing SDKs with new features and methods. The minimum version you need for some SDK features varies depending on the language. The SDK compatibility table shows which features are available in each language and the minimum SDK version you need to implement it. For comprehensive version history, see the changelog file in the SDK Github repository. We recommend subscribing to receive email notifications.

Server-Side SDKs

Real-Time Streaming2.
Feature Variations3.
Multi-environment Feature Flags2.
Retrieve variables for FF2.
"Targeted Experiment" condition2.
"Exclusive Experiment" condition2.
Return list of experiments targeted for a user2.
Return list of flags targeted for a user2.
Return list of feature variables3.
Get remote data2.
Get remote visitor data3.
"Device" data type2.
"User-Agent" data type3.
Get engine tracking code3.
Specify if legal consent provided4.
Data warehouse nativeN/AN/AN/A2.8.0N/AN/AN/A

Client-Side or Mobile SDKs

SDKAndroid (Kotlin/Java)iOS (Swift)JS/TSFlutterReact/React Native
Real-Time streaming2.
Feature Variations3.
Multi-environment feature flags2.
Retrieve variables for feature flags2.
"Targeted Experiment" condition2.
"Exclusive Experiment" condition2.
Return list of experiments targeted for a user2.
Return list of flags targeted for a user2.
Return list of feature variables2.
Get remote data2.
Get remote visitor data3.
Device data type2.
Specify if legal consent providedN/AN/A2.1.0N/A8.1.0
Data warehouse native3.

All of our SDKs are zero-latency SDKs, which means client-side code performs all campaign allocations. Because the allocations are not completed using a remote server call, the impact on your website performance is under a millisecond compared to ~50 ms on average for API-based technologies.

Serverless edge compute platforms

Kameleoon also supports feature management and experimentation at the edge by providing a set of starter kits to implement feature flags and experiments using serverless edge compute platforms offered by modern Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), such as Akamai EdgeWorkers, AWS Lambda@Edge, Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge and Vercel Edge Functions.

ModuleCurrent VersionRelease Date
Fastly starter kit0.2.0April 2023
Cloudflare Workers0.2.0April 2023
Akamai EdgeWorkersComing soon
AWS Lambda@EdgeOctober 2023
Vercel Edge Functions0.1.0April 2023

Web Server Modules

ModuleCurrent VersionRelease Date
Nginx web server module1.0.24September 2022

The web server module for Nginx currently only supports experiments.


If our SDKs do not support the language used in your application, you can either create a service yourself using one of our SDKs or create a bespoke implementation of the API.

In cases where low latency is a priority while updating targeting conditions and configurations on the fly, choosing an API implementation against an SDK implementation comes with a significant increase in latency. Kameleoon supports all modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, Vue.js and Next.js so you can always use a JavaScript based SDK for front-end work instead of using the API approach.

Visit our API documentation to learn more about the APIs.

Selecting a JavaScript SDK

In addition to the JavaScript/TypeScript SDK, we also provide other Javascript-based SDKs: the React SDK, React Native SDK, and NodeJS SDK. Most JavaScript frameworks work with the JavaScript/TypeScript SDK, but there are some that are better suited to one of the other SDKs depending on the implementation. For example, apps that use server-side rendering (SSR) or Edge integrations should use the NodeJS SDK. Here are the recommended SDKs based on JavaScript frameworks.

FrameworkRecommended SDK
Edge integrations (any framework)NodeJS SDK
Angular/AngularJSJavaScript/TypeScript SDK
ExpressNodeJS SDK
DenoNodeJS SDK
IonicJavaScript/TypeScript SDK
JQueryJavaScript/TypeScript SDK
NextJS (with SSR)NodeJS SDK
NextJS (without SRR)React SDK or JavaScript/TypeScript SDK
Plain JavaScriptJavaScript/TypeScript SDK
React NativeReact Native SDK
ReactReact SDK or JavaScript/TypeScript SDK
Svelte (with SSR)NodeJS SDK
Svelte (without SSR)JavaScript/TypeScript SDK
Vue (with SSR)NodeJS SDK
Vue (without SSR )JavaScript/TypeScript SDK