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Kameleoon is the only optimization solution with web, full stack, and feature management & experimentation capabilities in a single unified platform.

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Web Experimentation

With Kameleoon Web Experimentation, you can easily test copy, design or entire pages on websites, including single page applications, without impacting performance.

Feature Management & Experimentation

With Kameleoon Full Stack Experimentation, you can roll out new features with confidence, in real-time everywhere in your tech stack. We provide more than 12+ which you can use on web or mobile apps.

APIs & Tools

We provide several APIs that you can use to write front-end A/B experiments without any flickering or to better integrate within your tools ecosystem or to automate certain tasks. Use our VS code extension to code and manage your experiments and feature flags from your preferred IDE.


Join us in our Slack Community for any questions about our product features and get access to the latest updates.