• Data API Reference
  • Data API Reference


    The Data API is a REST API that allows to retrieve or write data stored on our remote servers. You can use the available endpoints to:

    We provide endpoints for 3 main categories of data:

    The Visit endpoints allow to retrieve and send events (conversion, custom data, segments...) for a given visitor code. They can be used to import offline purchase data (such as physical store purchases) to Kameleoon.

    The Product endpoints allow to retrieve and send product data for a given sitecode. They can be used to register product events such as view, add to cart or purchase events, or to obtain statistics about a given product (eg. how many times it was bought or viewed in the last hour or day).

    The Map endpoints allow to store a large amount of data for a given key (usually a visitor code or an internal User ID), which can then be retrieved and used for targeting and segmentation purposes, by using the retrieveDataFromRemoteSource method available in our Activation API and all our SDKs. You can also use the map endpoint to retrieve stored data for a given key.