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POST /map/maps‚Äč

This endpoint can be used to post data for several keys.

An incoming request is rejected if the source is identified as bot or spider, according to user-agent filtering rules from IAB/ABC. Kameleoon is using single-pass method. This means nothing specific is to be done in the case request is sent from a web browser using a standard library (XHR); but in other cases the user should set a custom value to the User-Agent request header, to overwrite the default value set by the library.

Query Parameters
  • siteCode string required

    Id of the Kameleoon project

  • ttlHours int32

    Default value: 2208

    Time-to-live in hours, maximum value = 8784 (366 days)

Request Body required

Maps to save. Body size limited to 1 MB

  • string UTF-8

    JSON object {"<key>": <JSON object {"<field>": <value = any JSON type>}>}.

    Body example with a "pretty" representation (not recommended):

    "keyToUpdate": {
    "field1": "newStringValue",
    "field2": [
    "keyToDelete": {
    "someVisitorCode": {
    "someMapProperty": {
    "name1": 0,
    "name2": [
    "someBooleanProperty": true,
    "someNumberProperty": 25

    Body example with a "compact" representation (recommended):


Request allowed, URL query processed successfully, request body will be processed