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GET /product/productCounters

This endpoint can be used to retrieve counts (number of views, add to cart quantities, transaction quantities) for several products.

Query Parameters
  • siteCode string required

    Id of the Kameleoon project

  • eans string required

    List of product Ids / EANs, encoded as JSON array, e.g. ["ean1","ean2"]

  • timeBegin int64

    The date (UNIX millisecond timestamp format) to begin querying from. This date is inclusive

  • timeEnd int64

    The date (UNIX millisecond timestamp format) to query to. This date is exclusive

  • prettyPrint boolean

    Set to true if you would like a "pretty" printed response


Successful operation, products counters are rendered = JSON object {"<product code>": <product counters = JSON object {"v": <number of views = integerint32>, "atcq": <add to cart quantities = integerint32>, "bq": <transaction quantities = integerint32>}>}. Exemple: {"v": 150, "atcq": 24, "bq": 22}>}