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The changelog is a list of recent and upcoming changes to our REST API

1.1.0 (2023-215)‚Äč

  • Fields in the FeatureFlag resource have changed:
    • Removed boolean field bypassDeviation
    • Removed string field commonCssCode
    • Removed int64 field siteId
    • Removed string field commonJavaScriptCode
    • Removed string field status
    • Removed object field deviations
    • Removed double field expositionRate
    • Removed enum field featureStatus
    • Removed int64[] field goals
    • Removed string field identificationKey
    • Removed object field respoolTime
    • Removed int64 field targetingSegmentId
    • Added int64 field experimentId
    • Added required string field siteCode
    • Added required string field featureKey
    • Added object[] field variables
    • Added object[] field variations
    • Added int64 field primaryGoalId
    • Added int64[] field secondaryGoalIds
    • Added object field integrations
    • Added object[] field environmentConfigurations
  • Endpoint DELETE /feature-flags/:featureFlagId has been removed
  • Endpoint PATCH /feature-flags/:featureFlagId has been removed
  • Endpoint POST /feature-flags/:featureFlagId/clone has been removed
  • Endpoint GET /feature-flags/:featureFlagId has been deprecated
  • Endpoint POST /feature-flags has been added
  • Endpoint PATCH /feature-flags/:siteCode/:featureKey has been added
  • Endpoint POST /feature-flags/:siteCode/:featureKey/duplicate has been added
  • Added dateModified field to environmentConfigurations object