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Data collection (back-end)

This article serves as a reference guide for listing all data being stored to our back-end servers, mostly to provide analytic reports or, in some cases, data synchronization with the front end for targeting purposes.

If you are interested in knowing which data is being stored client-side, in the browser of the visitor, you can read this article.

List of collected data‚Äč

The following data are collected and stored on our back-end servers, for each visit made by an individual visitor on your website.

  • visitor code (unique Kameleoon identifier for this visitor);
  • visit number (if several visits were made by the same visitor);
  • device type (mobile, tablet or desktop);
  • operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux...);
  • name and version of the browser;
  • screen size;
  • window size;
  • time zone of the browser;
  • language of the browser;
  • original referrer (acquisition channel);
  • number of pages viewed;
  • time elapsed since the visitor's previous visit (if any);
  • time spent on the website;
  • time of the beginning and end of the visit;
  • number of mouse clicks;
  • adblocker activated;
  • list of conversions (clicks, transactions, etc) with their revenue if any;
  • list of personalizations and A/B experiments seen by the visitor;
  • list of targeted Kameleoon segments (requires Audiences Explorer)
  • current weather conditions (if the corresponding targeting condition is activated): temperature, wind, rain...;
  • times of sunset and sunrise (present if a weather targeting condition has been activated, as it is required for some weather targeting criteria);
  • geolocation (only if the corresponding targeting condition is activated or if a weather targeting condition has been activated, as these targeting criteria require geolocation data);
  • products seen (only if the add-on is enabled);
  • title and URL of pages visited;
  • custom data;
  • external segmentation data (obtained from a third party DMP or CRM);
  • conversion probabilities computed by Kameleoon Predict engine (only if there is at least one active AI-driven personalization; needed to build Kameleoon Conversion Score heat ranges).

Kameleoon by default does NOT collect any personal information data (as defined by the GDPR law or similar data privacy laws). However, personal information data may be collected and stored on our back-end servers in the following cases:

  • Your URLs contain parameters with personal data (as Kameleoon collects the visited URLs). It is recommended to remove those parameters on your side, as they will be collected by all Web Analytics platforms.
  • You explicitely define a custom data and fill it with personal data.
  • You explicitely setup an integration with a third-party DMP or CRM that provides personal data.

Kameleoon will never store any IP addresses on its data servers. There are no exceptions to this rule: even when legal consent has been provided by a visitor, IP addresses are not saved.