• Data Collection Part 2 - Back-End
  • Data Collection Part 2 - Back-End


    Our customers often ask what data is collected by Kameleoon, and for which purposes. Given the current data privacy frameworks in place in Europe (mainly GDPR), and those starting to appear in the United States, it's important to understand precisely what elements of your visitors' data are saved into our data stores. Developers also sometimes wonder where exactly it is stored and how it is retrieved. This article serves both as a reference for listing all collected data, and as a guide providing technical details about the underlying implementations and databases. We focus here on the back-end side, where data are stored for long term periods and retrieved to provide analytic reports or, in some cases, data synchronization with the front end for activation purposes.

    List of collected data

    The following data are collected and stored on our back-end servers, for each visit made by an individual visitor on your website.

    List of used databases and frameworks

    Currently, we use the following NoSQL databases and technologies on our data flow architecture: